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We live in a society that tends to focus on the negative aspects of the world. As sad as this is to say, it’s the truth. News outlets and humans in general seem to gravitate towards sad or disheartening news. I suppose it’s simply human nature. This is incredibly true when it comes to aviation. Most websites and news outlets provide various articles on airplane crashes and abhorrent treatment of passengers by airlines. There’s simply too much negativity surrounding the space. I’d love to focus on the positive. With that in mind, I’ve decided to highlight some of the most positive and noteworthy events to transpire on an airplane.

The Proposal

Most people want to make their wedding proposal a memorable event. Some people propose at a baseball game, others do it at a restaurant; ultimately, it comes down to preference. And this particular gentleman (named Andrew) figured it would be a good idea to propose to his girlfriend while on an airplane. What’s more, he was able to include the rest of the flight’s passengers in his proposal. Somehow, Andrew passed out notes to the passengers asking for assistance in the form of photos of the event, since he didn’t have anyone to photograph his proposal. Luckily, there was no shortage of volunteers, and the couple was able to remember their special day.

The Monologue

For many, flying can be a terrifying experience. The small spaces, significant heights and the lack of control make for one nerve-racking ride. This is only exacerbated by the fact that flight attendants are required to list off all of the potential safety hazards that could occur in order to avoid them. Luckily, this particular Southwest Airlines flight attendant decided she would make the process a bit more tolerable. Instead of plainly reciting the safety procedure script, she livened things up a bit by delivering a comedy monologue. Her personality and jokes had the entire plane laughing.

The In-Flight Halloween

For adults, Halloween is pretty hit or miss. Some adults dress up and host parties, while others ignore the holiday altogether. For children, Halloween is crucial. It’s an opportunity to receive free candy and dress up as your favorite pop culture characters. No child likes to miss Halloween. Unfortunately for this young passenger, she had no other choice but to sit on a flight instead of play with her friends and go trick or treating. Luckily for her, her father decided to make this flight one to remember. He purchased some candy, handed it out to other passengers and asked if they could give it to his daughter as she walked by. The father then took his daughter up and down the aisles and the two trick or treated at 30,000 feet.