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Boeing, a U.S. civil and military aircraft manufacturing giant, recently opened its first ever Engineering and Technology Center in Istanbul after having operated in Turkey for over 70 years. Boeing launched its new center with a “Boeing Turkey Technology Day” event.

Many notable officials attended the ceremony, including President İsmail Demir, President of Presidency of Defense Industries (SSB), Technology Deputy Minister Mehmet Fatih Kacır, Global Head of Boeing Research and Technology (BR&T) Naveed Hussain, and many other industry leaders, government officials, and academics. The event featured discussions about the future of aviation, and Boeing’s role in any current and future technology partnerships in Turkey. The event’s distinguished guests helped shape Boeing’s vision for the future of aerospace engineering in Turkey.

Employees of Boeing in Turkey create aero-structures and assemblies for all Boeing’s many different Commercial Airplanes programs. Boeing’s programs have created 5,000 highly skilled jobs in the country. The number of jobs has increased by 90% in the last five years alone. Boeing’s work placement is currently valued at over $1.8 billion.

20 Turkish aviation programs have partnered with Boeing. These include Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) and Turkish Kale Aero. For parts for the 787 program, Boeing partners with local PFW. Turkish Technic, a subsidiary of Turkish Airlines, provides technical services and maintenance for multiple commercial aircraft models.  

Boeing plans to utilize Turkey’s engineering experience and talent to continue to improve their aviation products. The company hopes that this new Engineering and Technology Center will bring experts together and encourage collaboration and innovation as they continually improve aerospace technology. According to Boeing country director Ayşem Sargın, Turkey is one of Boeing’s strategic growth countries, and is well positioned to help develop the global aerospace industry.

Before Boeing introduced their new center, their most recent newsworthy event was when they launched the Boeing Turkey National Aerospace Initiative (NAI), a company-to-country initiative with local stakeholders. This strategic partnership is geared toward identifying mutually beneficial areas for cooperation between Boeing and the country of Turkey. The NAI has found four important areas for collaboration: Industry Development, Technology Acceleration, Services Collaboration, and Advanced Skilling.

The new Engineering and Technology Center in Istanbul is Boeing’s latest step in partnering with Turkish groups to continue to dominate the aerospace industry. The center will provide a space for experts to share ideas and inspire innovation, and continue to deepen the positive and influential relationship between Turkey and Boeing.