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Employee health and wellness is one of the most important aspects for any company to focus on. While other aspects, such as customer service, sales, etc. are also important, the well-being of a company’s employees is paramount, for without employees, there would be no one to run the company. Though that might sound a bit dramatic, and it very well may be, employee wellness is something that I take very seriously. And other companies are taking employee wellness seriously and reaping its positive benefits.

In a recent report from Yahoo! News, a survey conducted by CoreNet Global and CBRE Group, Inc. has found that a heavy focus on employee wellness drives productivity and engagement, while declining absenteeism. The survey contained responses from 211 senior level executives in real estate. Of those 211 executives surveyed, a resounding 90 percent are encouraging and initiating active design. These actively designed workspaces are specifically crafted to promote work from multiple areas and movement. The survey also found that 19 percent of the companies reported a significant decrease in absenteeism. 25 percent of companies reported an increase in retention and 47 percent reported an increase in employee engagement.

This information is huge for companies. In order for a business to succeed, it needs employees who are ready, willing and able to perform any and all necessary tasks. Unfortunately, while the turnover rate in America is relatively low (coming in at just 16.4 percent according to Compdata Surveys) it has risen since 2015 (15.7 percent). With more and more companies putting a focus on employee wellness, turnovers rates should drop, and engagement and productivity rates will rise.

In the report, Julie Whelan, Head of Americas Occupier Research at CBRE, noted the shift in company mindsets. “Employee health and wellness is no longer a programmatic afterthought; rather a deliberate workplace strategy that top employers are addressing at all project stages — from idea conception through space delivery and management,” she said.

Some of the more popular features that these companies are implementing into their employee wellness programs include: gyms, wellness clinics, different food options, fitness challenges and group meditation.