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Going through airport security can be a daunting process with its long lines and wait times. Airport security is especially worrying for travelers who are pressed for time and are trying to get to their gate. Luckily, there are multiple things a traveler can do so they can pass through security as quickly as possible.

Join a Trusted Traveler Program
The Department of Homeland Security has various Trusted Traveler programs that will enable travelers to quickly pass through security. Two that are useful for the majority of travelers are TSA PreCheck and Global Entry. TSA PreCheck is great for domestic travel. Over two hundred airports and sixty-seven airlines are part of the TSA PreCheck program, so it is likely that it will be useful to travelers wherever they are in the United States. Travelers pass through TSA PreCheck lines where they are not required to take off their shoes or belt nor are they required to remove their computer or liquids from their bag. The majority of travelers wait no longer than five minutes in a PreCheck line. Global Entry is great for travelers who travel internationally and also includes TSA PreCheck. Besides the benefits of TSA PreCheck, Global Entry speeds up the arrival process for travelers who are coming from abroad. Global Entry members use automatic kiosks instead of going through the usual arrivals line and processing by a customs officer.

Get The Mobile Passport App
Mobile Passport is an app that will help travelers more quickly get processed by Customs and Border Patrol after arriving in the U.S. This app can be downloaded in the Google Play and Apple App Store. Instead of filling out a paper, Customs and Border Patrol declaration form, a traveler can instead fill out the form digitally using the Mobile Passport app. There is also a special line for those using it. The Mobile Passport app can be used at twenty-five airports and three sea ports of entry. Families can also use the Mobile Passport App.

Enroll in the CLEAR Program
CLEAR is a program that uses a traveler’s eyes and fingertips to confirm their identity. CLEAR members get through security in as little as five minutes, and although CLEAR is only available in major airports, its partners are growing throughout the U.S.