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The Middle East and North Africa Business Aviation Association (MEBAA) is among the most influential professional shows in the world. It caters to aviation, technology, and business. Boeing and Barclays agree that there will be strong growth in the region. Nearly 3,000 new aircraft are predicted by Boeing for the Middle East by 2037. This amounts to just over $750 billion. Several of the biggest names in aviation regularly attend. The organizations reporting or on display for 2018 include:

  • Gulfstream
  • Boeing
  • Sukhoi
  • Airbus
  • Avjet Global
  • Honda Aircraft

Historical Characteristics of Past Shows

Ali Alnaqbi is the executive chairman of MEBAA. He discussed how historically, the major concern for the region’s business aviation has been toward larger aircraft. These big business solutions dominated MEBAA shows in the past. However, Alnaqbi noted that the times are changing.

A Changing Aviation Landscape

Cybersecurity, blockchain, and new approaches to aviation design are all reshaping the future of aviation. Each of these topics is included in the MEBAA conference. Another emerging market is light jets that can reach untapped business. Michimasa Fujino, CEO of Honda Aircraft, looks to meet the needs of businesses in the region with efficient light jets. Fujino has already encountered numerous positive responses to Honda Aircraft’s latest technology.

Exhibitors are eager as Honda Aircraft number in the hundreds. This will introduce a plethora of new technology, products and applications to the region. Alnaqbi expects the region’s companies to look to expand the range of their fleets. Companies are realizing that their business missions are increasingly varied. The efficiency of air transport must match their day to day operations. The goal of MEBAA is to promote business by making global destinations more accessible through flexible solutions.

New Additions to the Show

The MEBAA conference and show will come together in 2018. This is in response to the growing interest from parties crossing over. The improved networking dynamic expects to add value. This year introduces a product demonstration theater now on the exhibit floor. Additionally, an exclusive area titled the Executive Club Lounge will help foster networking and serve as a place for meetings. There is good reason for the excitement.